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February 2020 Archives

Seeking disability benefits for a disc disorder

Some West Virginia residents who find themselves unable to work due to degenerative disc disease may want to apply for Social Security Disability benefits. In most cases, the Social Security Administration evaluates these applications according to its criteria for spinal disorders, including spinal stenosis and vertebral fractures in addition to degenerative disc disease. One section of the SSA's guidelines specifically addresses degenerative disorders of the spine, laying out criteria for the severity of the illness required to receive disability benefits.

Applying for SSD after a rotator cuff injury

When people in West Virginia suffer a rotator cuff injury to the shoulder, they may find it exceedingly painful and difficult to perform their duties at work. The Social Security Administration recognizes that this type of injury is a severe medical condition. However, it is not listed specifically in the SSA's Blue Book, the document used to assess conditions for Social Security Disability benefits. Some people may be able to qualify for disability benefits after a serious rotator cuff tear, but the specifics depend on each person's medical records.

Qualifying for SSDI or SSI benefits after a spinal cord injury

Whatever type of accident you were in, the result was that you suffered a spinal cord injury. Even if your doctors tell you that you will regain full sensation and control over your limbs, you are looking at a long recovery. It could take a year or more for you to achieve the best recovery possible. If your doctors told you that you will never achieve a full recovery, you will need to make permanent adjustments to your life, which could include not being able to work, at least temporarily.

Applying for SSDI while receiving veteran's disability benefits

Disabled veterans who are living in West Virginia might qualify for disability benefits from the Department of Veteran Affairs and the Social Security Administration. People must apply for these benefits separately since they come from different agencies.

Obtaining benefits because of degenerative disc disease

Individuals in West Virginia and throughout the country who have degenerative disc diseases could qualify for government benefits. In some cases, they will qualify for Social Security Disability benefits under listing 1.04 A. To do so, individuals must show that there is root compression and that it has resulted in limited motor function, loss of reflex or other impairments. Few applicants will obtain benefits based on listing 1.04 A, but it may be possible to obtain them through a medical vocational allowance.

Does your disability qualify you for student loan relief?

Like many in West Virginia, you pursued your goals by obtaining an education beyond high school. Naturally, you could not do this out of your own pocket, so you applied for financial aid, such as a Federal Direct Student Loan, Family Education Loan, Perkins Loan or a TEACH grant that obligated you to work a certain number of years in a low-income school.

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