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To Questions About Your Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income Benefits

Attorney Shawn Taylor

Is Your Disability Hearing Soon? We Will Get You Ready.

Our clients often ask about preparing for an SSDI hearing. If you work with Shawn Taylor PLLC, we will help you with every aspect of the hearing, including how to best prepare for it.

From gathering evidence of your disability to helping you understand the types of questions you will be asked at the hearing, we will ensure you are as prepared as possible to answer questions fully, honestly and persuasively before the administrative law judge.

The good news is that the hearing is fairly straightforward. And the best way to get benefits is to be honest. The bad news is that it can be intimidating, and making a mistake or giving incomplete evidence can result in being denied benefits.

Preparing For Your Disability Hearing

While we recommend you contact us soon as possible after being denied benefits, we are able to take your case any time prior to the hearing. In the time available, we will do everything we can to prepare you for how to respond and what to expect when you arrive at the Social Security office where your hearing will take place.

Mostly, preparing involves knowing what questions the ALJ may ask you at the hearing and how to best respond.

What We Can Do To Help

The benefits of working with us prior to your hearing include:

  • Being able to ask questions with someone who has personally, and successfully, represented thousands of people at SSDI hearings
  • Having an experienced coach help you prepare
  • Knowing that an experienced lawyer will present your case on your behalf
  • Having someone on your side who knows what the SSA and the ALJ are looking for when granting or denying benefits

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Call us at 304-932-4619 anytime, day or night, to schedule your first free consultation with one of our friendly staff. We do not accept a legal fee unless we get you benefits.

From our office in Charleston, West Virginia, attorney Shawn Taylor represents clients throughout West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio. Due to the challenges faced by many clients seeking SSDI benefits, we are well-versed in providing high-quality representation without the need to meet in person in the office. Courts are similarly able to handle cases through video conferences.