Clear & Honest Answers
To Questions About Your Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income Benefits

Attorney Shawn Taylor


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How much is your fee?

It’s a contingency fee, which means I earn a fee only if you are granted benefits. The fee is set by the federal law at 25% of your past due benefits.

Are there any other charges?

If you are granted benefits, you agree to pay me back for the money I’ve spent to put your case together. My staff and I work very hard to keep your costs as low as possible without jeopardizing your chances of winning.

How long will this take?

It can be a very slow process. Most cases take 18 months to 2 years (or more) to go from application to a favorable decision from a federal judge. Get started now!

Can you win my case?

It depends. Every one of my clients are different. Social Security considers a combination of your age, education, work experience, physical injuries and illnesses, and your mental state to determine if you are eligible for benefits.

What do you need to win?

I need you to tell me where you went to school and to keep me updated with the name of every doctor, hospital, and clinic that has provided medical care to you since you became disabled.

Do I have to get my own records?

Absolutely not. That’s one of our services. You tell us the names of your schools and medical providers, and we’ll get all the evidence.

Do you send me to your doctors?

I don’t have any doctors. We depend upon your doctors who know you the best.

Will I meet you in person?

At your request, we will schedule a time to meet together in my office.

Will I talk with you on the phone?

I call every client to introduce myself and answer questions. My staff will schedule other telephone appointments at your request.

Will you help me get ready for my hearing?

Absolutely. I give my clients a detailed written description of what to expect, and I call every client prior to the hearing to discuss their evidence and answer all their questions.

Will you be with me at my hearing?

Absolutely. Your claim won’t be passed off to an associate lawyer or paralegal – I’ll be right there beside you.