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What to know about SSDI

Most West Virginia workers don't have disability insurance, and that could be a problem for those who are or become disabled. It is believed that 20 percent of workers will be disabled for a period of at least three months during their careers. However, it may be possible for someone with a disability to get benefits through Social Security. The Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program does have criteria that must be met before benefits are granted.

Understanding Social Security Disability Insurance

Workers in West Virginia can use Social Security as part of their contingency plan if they experience a loss of income due to a disability, retirement or the death of the household wage earner. By the time 2016 ended, there were 61 million people in the United States receiving Social Security benefits. Sixty-eight percent of them were retired, 14 percent had a qualifying disability and 18 percent were spouses, children or surviving family members of workers who were entitled to the funds. Social Security Disability Insurance is an important part of the benefits program that essentially works alongside retirement benefits. Based on information from the Social Security Administration, young workers entering the workforce have a 33.3 percent likelihood of either dying or receiving a disability before reaching the full retirement age for Social Security.

Counting resources for SSI

West Virginia residents that want to apply for Supplemental Security Income should be aware of how their resources factor into their eligibility for the benefits. The countable resource limit for an individual is $2,000. For couples, their total countable resources should not exceed $3,000.

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