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What To Expect At Your SSDI Hearing

The hearing is where you have the opportunity to appear before a representative of the Social Security Administration (the administrative law judge, or ALJ) and present evidence as to why you qualify for SSDI benefits. The hearing is scheduled once the Social Security Administration has denied benefits upon reconsideration (read more about the appeals process).

Every hearing is a little different, depending on the ALJ who will be conducting the hearing. However, it is not usually a long process. Most hearings take between 30 minutes to an hour.

The Hearing

The hearing will not take place in a courtroom. Instead, it will be in a private conference room, with you, attorney Shawn Taylor, the administrative law judge and most likely a vocational expert present. A vocational expert is someone hired by the Social Security Administration to give an opinion about your ability to work. In many cases, you can do the hearing through video conference, if your disability prevents you from traveling.

The administrative law judge (ALJ) is also likely to ask you questions about your disability and work history. He or she is looking to determine the limitations your disability places on you and why that prevents you from working.

No one at the hearing is looking to prove you are not disabled. However, it is the job of the ALJ to find reasons whether your claim should be approved or denied, so it is extremely important to make sure you are prepared to show how and why you are eligible.

What You Can Expect From Shawn Taylor, Your Social Security Lawyer

If you work with Shawn Taylor PLLC, you can expect that Shawn Taylor himself will be by your side at the hearing. He is a West Virginia attorney who still personally represents every client at the disability hearing.

He has successfully represented thousands of SSDI claimants at disability hearings. He is also happy to meet with you in person prior to the hearing to answer any questions and provide more information about what will happen at the hearing.

We will also thoroughly prepare you for the hearing by helping you understand the types of questions that will be asked and how best to respond.

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