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Applying for SSD benefits with tachycardia

Tachycardia, or a faster than average resting heart rate, can be a significant disability for many people in West Virginia. The condition is caused by abnormal activity in the heart and can limit oxygen reaching various areas of the body. Some people with tachycardia may suffer from chest pain, shortness of breath, lightheadedness, fatigue or fainting, while others may not notice their symptoms until a doctor discovers them. However, tachycardia can lead in the long term to heart failure, stroke or heart attack, so treatment may be particularly important. In some cases, people experience tachycardia on an episodic basis that can lead to any of the above symptoms.

For those with more serious tachycardia symptoms, the disorder can contribute to or become a disabling condition that prevents them from working. It is one of the cardiovascular impairments discussed in the Social Security Administration's Blue Book for evaluating claims for Social Security Disability benefits. These impairments can include any type of condition that interferes with the normal function of the heart or other parts of the circulatory system. However, because tachycardia is episodic and has many different causes, sufferers must show more than a tachycardia diagnosis to obtain approval for disability benefits.

High blood pressure and applying for disability

Some people in West Virginia may be unaware that it is possible to apply for disability benefits on the basis of high blood pressure. In fact, along with back problems, it is one of the most common reasons people apply for Social Security Disability.

High blood pressure is also known as hypertension. It can affect a number of different organs, including eyes, brain, kidneys and heart. It is important to understand that when a disability claim is evaluated by the Social Security Administration, it is less the condition itself that is evaluated than the limitations created by the condition. While having high blood pressure is not necessarily in and of itself an illness, it is the effect on the rest of the body that leads to its classification as a type of disability.

Seeking disability for chronic migraines

It's not just a headache. No matter how many times you hear someone dismiss your migraines as just a bad headache, you may never get over your frustration. Well-meaning friends may offer suggestions for home remedies, and your doctor may even fail to understand how incapacitating your migraines can be. In fact, you may already be to the point where your chronic migraines prevent you from holding any gainful employment.

Seeking disability benefits through the Social Security Administration seems like a logical step to take if you are unable to work because of your migraine attacks. However, this may not be as easy as it seems. The SSA does not include migraines among the approved conditions for disability payments. Nevertheless, this does not mean you will not qualify. Your symptoms may be enough to win the approval of the SSA.

A SSDI disability approval cannot come soon enough

Many West Virginia workers who have applied for and are awaiting a Social Security disability insurance approval letter struggle with difficult circumstances. Other than trying to cope with the debilitating effects of the physical or mental condition underlying their claim for disability, they often have had to cut back on the number of hours worked or perhaps stopped working altogether. The financial strain exacerbates an already stressful situation, and they check the mailbox every day waiting for the good news. For some, the wait is longer than for others.

The first issue a disability claimant needs to realize is that the SSDI process is a complex procedure where denials are common with an appeal process at every level of denial. If a claimant wins approval on the initial application or at the first level of appeal, called reconsideration, the approval letter can be received within three months. Unfortunately, the denial percentage initially is regularly over 50% with an even greater rejection percentage on reconsideration. Approval rates are generally considerably higher at the next level of appeal, the disability hearing.

Follow the appeals process after a disability claim denial

The first step to getting Social Security disability benefits in West Virginia is filing a claim with the SSA. For various reasons, the initial claim is often denied. This doesn't mean the claimant cannot get benefits. There is an appeals process that can be utilized to get the claim reconsidered. Many times, claims that were initially denied are later approved on appeal.

Far too many people fail to file an appeal after their disability claim gets denied when they have a chance of being approved if they follow the process. It's important to take note of the final deadline to request reconsideration. Missing that deadline could mean starting the process over again. An attorney could help a client with their appeal to ensure the claim includes all the necessary documentation.

Does your condition qualify for fast-track disability?

Some medical diagnoses can change your life. When you learn the details of your condition, you realize you will never be the same. The illness may promise to consume your attention, your energy and your money as you strive to control the symptoms. You may be unable to do many of the things you now enjoy. You may no longer be able to work.

This means you will not only have medical bills to pay, but you will also have no income to help you meet those obligations. You can apply for disability benefits through the Social Security Administration, but the process often takes months for approval and additional months before you begin receiving your benefits. If the SSA denies your initial claim, you can expect an even longer delay while you appeal. However, you may qualify for a fast-track decision.

Psoriatic arthritis and SSD

Many people living in West Virginia have a diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis. This is a condition that can lead to joint inflammation, mobility impairments and other symptoms, such as severe fatigue. While many people are able to effectively manage this condition, others may find that they are unable to continue working.

When a disability impairs a person's ability to work, he or she may be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits. Applying for benefits can be a lengthy process that requires information from a physician as well as the completion of forms that describe the disability as well as the applicant's inability to work.

Facet arthritis may allow workers to qualify for benefits

Individuals in West Virginia or any other state may be entitled to disability benefits if they have facet arthritis. An application for benefits may be approved if a person can show that this condition results in pain, a loss of motor function or other health issues that make it difficult to work. A disability examiner will look at the evidence provided with an application when making his or her decision.

Ideally, an applicant will provide a statement from a doctor detailing how the condition impacts his or her ability to work. It may also be a good idea to provide information such as reports from a physical therapist or the results of lab or other tests. An examiner may also look at a person's work or academic record to determine if an individual would be able to go back to a previous job.

If you have depression, do you qualify for disability benefits?

People who are unable to work because of a medical condition know how hard it is when their limitations affect their finances. The inability to hold gainful employment leads to financial hardship, especially if that individual expects to have his or her medical condition long-term. If you are facing this situation, you could be eligible for disability benefits through the Social Security Administration.

When you think about disability benefits, you may assume this type of support is only available to those who have specific types of medical conditions or physical limitations, but that is not the case. It is possible that a person with a mental condition or disorder could also be eligible for these benefits. This includes some people who struggle with depression. 

SSA claims may go to claims representative, disability examiner

When a West Virginia resident files a claim with the Social Security Administration for disability benefits, the application will be handled by a claims representative in most cases. The claims representative will typically gather information about the person's condition, work history and medical treatment history to build a file for determination. The claims representative does not, however, make a determination on the disability claim. Rather, the claim is usually submitted to the state disability determination service for that.

Each state has one or more disability agencies that are responsible for making decisions on Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income claims. These agencies are sometimes referred to as Disability Determination Services and sometimes referred to as the Bureau of Disability Determination. In either case, the agency is staffed with disability examiners who specialize in the interpretation of work histories and medical records. The examiners are also trained regarding the SSA's guidelines for determining disability.

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