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A SSDI disability approval cannot come soon enough

Many West Virginia workers who have applied for and are awaiting a Social Security disability insurance approval letter struggle with difficult circumstances. Other than trying to cope with the debilitating effects of the physical or mental condition underlying their claim for disability, they often have had to cut back on the number of hours worked or perhaps stopped working altogether. The financial strain exacerbates an already stressful situation, and they check the mailbox every day waiting for the good news. For some, the wait is longer than for others.

Follow the appeals process after a disability claim denial

The first step to getting Social Security disability benefits in West Virginia is filing a claim with the SSA. For various reasons, the initial claim is often denied. This doesn't mean the claimant cannot get benefits. There is an appeals process that can be utilized to get the claim reconsidered. Many times, claims that were initially denied are later approved on appeal.

Does your condition qualify for fast-track disability?

Some medical diagnoses can change your life. When you learn the details of your condition, you realize you will never be the same. The illness may promise to consume your attention, your energy and your money as you strive to control the symptoms. You may be unable to do many of the things you now enjoy. You may no longer be able to work.

Psoriatic arthritis and SSD

Many people living in West Virginia have a diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis. This is a condition that can lead to joint inflammation, mobility impairments and other symptoms, such as severe fatigue. While many people are able to effectively manage this condition, others may find that they are unable to continue working.

Facet arthritis may allow workers to qualify for benefits

Individuals in West Virginia or any other state may be entitled to disability benefits if they have facet arthritis. An application for benefits may be approved if a person can show that this condition results in pain, a loss of motor function or other health issues that make it difficult to work. A disability examiner will look at the evidence provided with an application when making his or her decision.

If you have depression, do you qualify for disability benefits?

People who are unable to work because of a medical condition know how hard it is when their limitations affect their finances. The inability to hold gainful employment leads to financial hardship, especially if that individual expects to have his or her medical condition long-term. If you are facing this situation, you could be eligible for disability benefits through the Social Security Administration.

SSA claims may go to claims representative, disability examiner

When a West Virginia resident files a claim with the Social Security Administration for disability benefits, the application will be handled by a claims representative in most cases. The claims representative will typically gather information about the person's condition, work history and medical treatment history to build a file for determination. The claims representative does not, however, make a determination on the disability claim. Rather, the claim is usually submitted to the state disability determination service for that.

Determining if a case will win Social Security disability

Individuals who file for Social Security disability in West Virginia may wonder how likely it is that they will receive disability benefits. While there are no specific kinds of cases that are sure to succeed, there is a handbook known as the blue book that lists different impairments a person could experience with systems in their body. These listings lay out the criteria that a person would need to meet in order to qualify for Social Security disability.

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