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SSD Claims For Black Lung Disease And Mesothelioma

Coal mining has long been a leading industry in West Virginia. Our state remains the top employer in the coal mining sector nationwide, according to the American Geosciences Institute.

Working in the mines can be hazardous. A significant health risk for miners is coal workers’ pneumoconiosis, an occupational disease more commonly known as black lung. Coal workers – along with other miners and industrial workers – are also more at-risk for mesothelioma, another deadly lung disease.

At the Charleston law firm of Shawn Taylor, PLLC, we represent coal workers in Social Security Disability (SSD) claims involving black lung disease, mesothelioma and other debilitating conditions. Lawyer Shawn Taylor is an experienced advocate who knows how to get successful results. He’s a homegrown attorney dedicated to making a difference in the lives of hardworking miners in need of disability benefits.

Disability Benefits For Black Lung Disease

Black lung disease is a serious occupational illness. It’s caused from long-term exposure to coal dust, which gets stuck in the lungs and slowly damages lung tissue. Coal miners aren’t the only ones who can end up with the disease. Their spouses and children can be exposed to coal dust.

There is no cure for black lung disease. It drastically reduces patients’ life expectancy, and it’s eventually fatal.

The Social Security Administration recognizes black lung disease as a disabling condition when it’s severe enough to impact your ability to work. The U.S. Department of Labor also has a Black Lung Benefit program for those who are totally disabled by the condition.

Disability Benefits For Mesothelioma

Like black lung disease, mesothelioma is an occupational illness resulting from chronic exposure to asbestos and other mineral fibers. It’s a devastating disease that is typically fatal within a few years after diagnosis.

Because it’s so deadly, mesothelioma automatically qualifies applicants for benefits through the Social Security Administration’s Compassionate Allowances program.

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If you’ve been diagnosed with mesothelioma, you’re entitled to benefits on an expedited basis. Our team can help you get those benefits quickly.

We also handle SSD claims for those diagnosed with black lung disease.

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