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Applying for SSDI while receiving veteran’s disability benefits

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2020 | Veterans' Issues |

Disabled veterans who are living in West Virginia might qualify for disability benefits from the Department of Veteran Affairs and the Social Security Administration. People must apply for these benefits separately since they come from different agencies.

The VA and the SSA use different qualification processes for disability benefits. The veteran’s benefits from the VA depend on the disability rating. The Social Security Administration bases its disability determination on the severity of the disability and the applicant’s earnings record from work. If the veteran’s disability rating from the VA is 100% P & T, he or she will qualify for an expedited review with the Social Security Administration. The veteran will need to submit the disability rating paperwork at the time that he or she applies for Social Security disability benefits.

The SSDI application is available online. People should check the information that they provide to make certain that it is accurate. They should also submit additional documents to support their claim for benefits. The disability rating documents should be submitted at a local branch of the SSA as soon as the application for SSDI is submitted.

Disabled veterans who are approved for veteran’s disability benefits should consider applying for SSDI. The funding sources for these programs are separate. People pay into the Social Security fund from their paychecks. If veterans have earned enough work credits, they may qualify for SSDI even though they are receiving VA benefits. Experienced disability lawyers that understand veterans’ issues might offer some guidance to their clients during the application process and help them to submit the types of documents that will support their benefits claim. If the SSDI claims are denied, the attorneys might help their clients to secure additional documents and evidence to support their claims and represent them through the appeals process.