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Interview for SSDI or SSI

West Virginia residents who seek to claim Social Security benefits can file their SSI and SSDI applications online, on the telephone or by visiting a nearby Social Security office. Because it tends to provide incorrect information, it is not advisable to use the teleclaims center. Individuals are also advised against filing for disability benefits online because the online process cannot be used if they have to file for SSI disability. They will also be unable to consult directly with a claims representative, who may be able to help alleviate confusion and prevent mistakes that can occur while applying for the benefits or appealing denied benefits.

SSDI benefits based on PTSD in West Virginia

Some individuals may develop post-traumatic stress disorder after they have been through a distressing event. People who suffer from PTSD may be disabled by their conditions and unable to work as a result. PTSD sufferers may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits if their conditions are severe enough that they are unable to perform any substantial gainful activity.

Are you quitting your job because of migraines?

You missed work again because you were fighting through the symptoms of another migraine. When you returned to work, your co-workers may have sympathized, complaining of their own headaches, or they may have dismissed your pain as another excuse for a day off work. However, spending a day at home in a dark, silent room is not your idea of a fun day off, and you know it is just a matter of time before the next migraine knocks you on your back again.

Who qualifies for Social Security benefits?

West Virginia residents who think they might be entitled to Social Security benefits could be confused about the requirements. There are two types of Social Security disability benefits, and the qualification requirements for each type are based not only on disability but on factors including work history and income.

Getitng maximum family benefits from SSA

The Social Security Administration allows certain family members to receive derivative payments from the eligible family member. These payments are subject to formulas used by the SSA to ascertain maximum benefit levels. The amount is capped at what the SSA calls the Family Maximum Benefit.

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