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November 2019 Archives

Understanding the requirements to get SSI benefits

West Virginians who are suffering from an injury, illness or condition that leaves them unable to work should consider applying for Social Security disability benefits. For some, other circumstances can combine to make them eligible for Supplemental Security Income. SSI benefits have additional criteria that should be understood before filing an application. Those who meet the threshold could receive SSI.

Getting SSD benefits requires sufficient medical evidence

For West Virginians who suffer from an injury or condition that negatively impacts them physically, mentally or both, receiving Social Security Disability benefits could be a possibility. The benefits might be Social Security Disability insurance or Supplemental Security Income. The Social Security Administration needs evidence to grant benefits, so understanding how a case is assessed is wise.

Lawmakers support increased SSI asset limits

Supplemental Security Income beneficiaries in West Virginia and around the country are generally only permitted have to resources worth $2,000 or less at any given time. For couples, this figure rises to $3,000. SSI benefits provide financial assistance to Americans who are blind, disabled or 65 years of age or older. These limits have not been revised since 1989, and they have been called arbitrary and outdated by both advocacy groups and lawmakers.

Can you work and still get disability benefits?

When a person is no longer able to work due to a physical or mental condition, it could be grounds to seek disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. The intent of these benefits is to provide a way for people with certain types of illnesses, physical limitations and mental disabilities to have a source of income. It is not always easy to secure these benefits, even with a valid medical reason.

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