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To Questions About Your Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income Benefits

Attorney Shawn Taylor

If You Have Questions About Your Disability Hearing, Call Us

The disability hearing is extremely important to your SSDI claim. It is the one chance you have to appear in person or over video chat with an administrative law judge, the person who will have the authority to deny or approve your claim. It is also the best chance you will likely have to get benefits, as most people who become eligible to receive benefits do so at this stage.

It is understandable if you have questions or are worried about the hearing. If you call our law office at 304-932-4619, we are more than happy to discuss your upcoming hearing and how we can help. It does not cost you anything to give us a call or for an initial meeting.

We Have Handled Thousands Of Disability Hearings

At Shawn Taylor PLLC, our team has handled thousands of disability hearings. We know the process inside and out. We can tell you how to prepare for a hearing, how to answer questions and what you can expect at the hearing so there are no surprises.

We will act as your coach and guide. However, we also do all of the legwork for you and present your case on your behalf. We will get the medical records needed to show the extent of your disability. Shawn Taylor himself will be by your side at the hearing, arguing your case.

A Former Municipal Judge On Your Side

While it is not a trial, and not held in court, the hearing itself is similar to a trial before a judge. Shawn Taylor is a former municipal judge who has presided in tens of thousands of cases. This provides him with a perspective on what administrative law judges are looking for when hearing cases.

Free Consultations, And No Legal Fees Unless We Get You Benefits

We do not charge for an initial consultation. As your ALJ disability hearing approaches, you will also be able to meet with Shawn Taylor if you have questions or need reassurance about how your case is developing at no cost.

If we are not successful in getting you benefits, we do not charge a legal fee. You have nothing to lose by giving us a call at 304-932-4619. You can also reach our Charleston, West Virginia, office through email. We represent clients throughout the state and nearby areas.