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How Does Returning To Work Affect Your SSD Benefits?

Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits are a financial lifeline for those unable to work due to a disability. However, not all disabilities are permanent. If your condition has improved, and you’d like to try returning to work, there are a few things to keep in mind. You don’t want to risk losing your benefits prematurely.

At Shawn Taylor, PLLC, a disability law firm in Charleston, we can help you navigate the decision to return to work and walk you through how it may affect your SSD benefits. Our lawyer, Shawn Taylor, is intimately familiar with all the nuances of SSD law. He can help you make the right choice for your situation.

SSD Work Incentives

The Social Security Administration offers incentives that allow people to explore working without the risk of losing their benefits. These incentives include:

  • Trial work period: You can work for nine months during each five-year period that you’re on benefits without losing those benefits. You can stagger the nine months.
  • Extended period of eligibility: Once the trial work period is over, you’re entitled to a three-year period where you remain eligible for benefits during each month when your income is below a certain limit.
  • Expedited reinstatement of benefits: This five-year period allows you to get back on benefits on an expedited basis if you’re no longer earning sufficient income.

It’s also important to note that SSD rules allow recipients to work and receive benefits so long as their income is below a certain limit. If your earnings don’t amount to “substantial gainful activity,” they won’t impact your benefits.

Ticket To Work Program

The Social Security Administration also offers a free career development program for SSD recipients. Through the program, you can access vocational rehabilitation services, get help finding a job, and pursue job training and educational opportunities.

Find Out More About Returning To Work

SSD benefits don’t have to keep you sidelined from working. If you have questions about returning to work, talk to West Virginia attorney Shawn Taylor about your options. Call 304-932-4619 or send our firm an email to learn more during a free 30-minute consultation.