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SSDI benefits based on PTSD in West Virginia

by | Mar 21, 2018 | Veterans' Issues |

Some individuals may develop post-traumatic stress disorder after they have been through a distressing event. People who suffer from PTSD may be disabled by their conditions and unable to work as a result. PTSD sufferers may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits if their conditions are severe enough that they are unable to perform any substantial gainful activity.

PTSD is a severe form of anxiety that can be caused by experiencing emotionally traumatic events. In order to be approved for SSDI based on PTSD, people will either need to show that their conditions meet the criteria listed in the Blue Book or that they meet the requirements for medical-vocational allowances. PTSD that does not meet the listing criteria may still qualify a sufferer for disability benefits if it is severe enough that the person is unable to return to a former job and perform any substantial gainful activity.

PTSD may also qualify if it meets the criteria in the Blue Book. Most SSDI claims for benefits are approved under the medical-vocational allowance rather than by qualifying under the listing criteria in the Blue Book, however.

People who are veterans of the armed services may develop PTSD as a result of what they have experienced. This condition is one of several different veterans’ issues that may make it difficult for people to work. Veterans who are struggling with PTSD or other disabilities may want to talk to experienced disability attorneys. The attorneys may assist them with filing applications for SSDI benefits. In addition, veterans may be eligible for other types of disability benefits through the Department of Veteran Affairs. With an attorney’s help, veterans may be able to secure the benefits and other resources that they need to have a financial safety net.