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West Virginia residents who meet the requirements can qualify for Social Security Disability Income (SSDI). However, potential participants must first receive approval from this state’s Disability Determination Services. Many often find the decision process complex and difficult to understand.

The review process

Individuals wanting to receive SSDI have to fill out paperwork and provide information about their respective disabilities to see if they meet the eligibility requirements. Qualifying individuals already receiving benefits may be subject to a rereview in the future, where the SSA evaluates the person’s current medical condition and how it affects their employment capability.

You’ll continue receiving social security disability insurance if there hasn’t been any improvement in your medical health, and the rereview indicates as such. If the SSA determines that you’re able to work, you’ll no longer receive benefits. An appeal process upon denial is possible.

How the SSA gathers case information

The SSA reaches out to medical professionals you’ve recently seen, such as hospitals and private doctors, for more information about your specific condition(s) as a way to determine your eligibility. If you’re deemed eligible to receive benefits, your current medical health and the findings by the SSA determine how long it will be until your next rereview.

What can end your benefits

You may also lose your SSDI if your monthly employment income meets a specific threshold. A couple of the other potential reasons for denial include knowingly giving false information to West Virginia’s Disability Determination Services or not cooperating with its requests.

You can appeal a denial for social security benefits, but it’s important to do so as soon as possible. If you get the appeal in within a specific time frame, your information will get another review.