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Knowing how SSDI benefits can be fast-tracked can be beneficial

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2022 | Social Security Disability |

Dealing with a significant illness or disorder can frustrate your life. If you’re in this position, you may be required to seek medical assistance regularly, receive specialized treatments and take a number of medications. Working may be challenging and make life stressful if you cannot pay your West Virginia living expenses. Fortunately, you may be eligible for SSDI benefits if you’re in this position. Receiving a fast-track decision for these benefits can also be warranted if you qualify.

Receiving Social Security disability benefits quickly

Adjusting to life with a disability can be a challenging transition. Like most individuals, you probably took your health for granted. It can be easy to think about what you’ve lost when it’s gone. In addition, you may struggle to make ends meet if you’re unable to work and receive a paycheck due to your illness or disorder. Fortunately, the Social Security Administration recognizes this dilemma and has fast-tracked specific conditions to receive SSD benefits quicker than usual.

The timeframe for paying SSD insurance claims

If you’re entitled to receive benefits from an SSD insurance claim, the minimum timeframe you must wait to receive them is five months. Even if your application is fast-tracked, you still need to wait this long to receive an SSDI payment.

Identifying the illnesses and disorders qualifying for fast-tracking

The Social Security Administration utilizes a specific software system to determine if your illness or disorder can be fast-tracked. As of December 2021, there were 254 conditions qualifying for fast-track status. Several cancers are on the list affecting the bladder, breast, gallbladder, kidneys and other areas of the body.

Learning to handle your disability

Learning to live with a disability isn’t easy. Experiencing anger and sadness are common with many conditions. After losing your ability to complete everyday tasks, it’s normal to experience the ups and downs of this new life emotionally. Hopefully, the benefits you get from Social Security for your disability will help make paying your bills less stressful when you’re in this condition.

Understanding how SSD benefits can be fast-tracked can be beneficial if you have an illness or disorder qualifying for quicker payments.