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To Questions About Your Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income Benefits

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Does Social Security Disability cover illness and injuries?

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In some cases in West Virginia, Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) will cover an injury or a physical or mental illness. SSDI, or Supplemental Security Income (SSI), is the federal program that handles disability claims. Workers pay into the fund, and a portion is set aside for them and their dependents if needed. The process for getting approved for these benefits is complicated and confusing for many, requiring assistance from a skilled disability attorney.

Why is the process of applying for SSD benefits so complicated?

To qualify for Social Security Disability, a person must meet the Social Security Act’s definition of disability. The Act’s definition is so strict that few applicants get approved the first time they apply. Social Security and the Office of the Inspector General focus intensely on disability fraud. As of 2018, the rate of disability fraud is less than 1%. With the U.S. population consisting of over 330 million people, even legitimate claims are often denied in the effort to keep fraud at a minimum.

How do I find a lawyer to help me win my disability claim?

First, if you have already been denied SSD benefits, then prepare to act quickly. There is a tight window in which to appeal your denial. Your attorney needs that time to review your claim and gather medical evidence to submit to the appeal board. You want to retain a lawyer with a winning track record. Your disability attorney should:

  • Personalize your case
  • Speak to you directly
  • Explain how disability income helps with your rent, food and other needs
  • Get your medical records and other evidence to present a strong case before the court
  • Have a track record of representing thousands of SSDI and SSI claims
  • Have a strong work history
  • Know how to obtain favorable rulings

Disabilities that include injury, physical and mental illness

All disability claims are challenging to prove. Social Security has categories related to different disabilities. It can approve your disorder and rule that it does not impede your ability to work. Representation by an attorney specializing in SSD benefits significantly improves your chance of winning.