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Appeals can be important after an SSDI benefits denial

by | Apr 24, 2019 | Social Security Disability |

Some Social Security disability applicants in West Virginia may not know what to do after they receive an initial denial notification. Because these applicants are generally too disabled to work, they may be relying on an approval to support themselves. However, it is important to keep in mind that many people who successfully receive disability benefits begin the process with an initial denial. It is possible to surmount an initial negative result through the appeals process.

Unfortunately, some applicants for SSDI benefits do not pursue their claims after a denial. They accept the notice as a final resolution rather than moving through the appeals process, even though applicants who file an appeal have a much greater likelihood of success. Others opt to file a new complaint from the beginning instead of appealing the denial of their original complaint. Unfortunately, this is likely to put them back in the same situation.

While an initial reconsideration appeal is almost always denied, a later request for a disability hearing has a much greater likelihood of success. At the disability hearing level, applicants with well-supported claims are far more likely to obtain a positive result. This is especially true for applicants with solid documentation who are accompanied by a representative such as a disability lawyer. Statistics show that over 60% of applicants who are represented at a disability hearing will be awarded the benefits they need.

An initial denial of a disability benefits application can be demoralizing and disappointing. However, people who proceed through the appeals process have a greater chance of obtaining benefits. A disability attorney can provide advice and representation throughout the process, from an initial filing to a disability hearing and beyond.