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Disability benefits claim denied? You still have options.

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West Virginia individuals who are unable to work due to a disabling medical condition or serious injury could be eligible for certain types of benefits through the Social Security Administration. However, even if you qualify, you may not actually obtain the benefits you need and deserve. In fact, many first-time applications come back denied.

If you are dealing with the frustration of a denied claim, this is not the end of the road for you. You have the right and the option to continue your fight for the financial support you need and deserve. Many people find it beneficial to seek help after a denied claim for Social Security benefits.

What can I do next?

There are various options for individuals who wish to continue their pursuit of disability benefits after a denied claim, and there is a specific order of the steps you can take. If one is not successful, you may choose to take the next step. Some of these steps include the following:

  • Request a reconsideration of your claim. During this step, they will reevaluate the evidence included from your original application, as well as new evidence.
  • You may continue your fight by requesting a hearing before an administrative law judge. You may have to answer questions, and witnesses may have to as well.
  • If this step is not successful, you may seek a review of your claim from the Appeals Council. This council can either make a decision for you or send it back to the administrative law judge.

It can feel extremely frustrating to learn that your application for disability benefits came back denied. Many people give up at this stage, but that is not the only choice available to you.

The Social Security Disability claims process is complex and frustrating, and it can take a long time to obtain the support you need, but you do not have to walk through it alone. Many people find it beneficial to have experienced guidance from the very beginning of the claims process.

You do not have to fight alone

Seeking a reconsideration or fighting through the appeals process is not easy. Individuals continuing their pursuit of these benefits will find it prudent to start with a complete evaluation of their case. This simple step can allow you to understand your specific legal options and give you the opportunity to clearly understand the choices you have regarding your benefits claim.