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What SSDI benefits include

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People living with disabilities in West Virginia may qualify for the Social Security Disability Insurance program, also known as SSDI or SSD. SSD provides cash benefits for those in the program and, in some cases, that person’s spouse, ex-spouse, or children.

Qualifying for SSD

Those in the program are disabled and unable to continue working in their old jobs and are not able to retrain for new work. In addition, SSD recipients have also paid enough in Social Security deductions to qualify for SSD coverage.

Unlike some benefit programs, such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI), which is also administered by the Social Security Administration, qualifying for SSD depends on being disabled and unable to work, not how much money or assets you have.

Cash benefits

Once you qualify for the program, you will receive cash benefits each month. The amount of your benefits depend on your work history and earnings. In addition, after you have completed a 24-month eligibility period, you will also qualify for Medicare, a federal health care coverage program.

Members of your household may also be entitled to cash benefits through SSD. Your spouse who is over 62 or who is caring for a minor child or a child who is disabled. You will also receive cash benefits for your unmarried minor children, as well as an adult child who is disabled and who became disabled before the age of 22.

What if SSD isn’t enough?

Because your SSDI benefit is based on your earnings while you were still able to work, you may find that your benefit amount isn’t enough to live on. If this is the case, and you meet federal guidelines, you may also be eligible for other benefits programs, including SSI, SNAP (food stamps) and assistance with your utilities.

SSD can provide you with the income you need to pay your bills. It can take time for your claim to process, however, so it is important to research the program and begin your application when you become disabled.