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Mental conditions may qualify for disability benefits

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2018 | Social Security Disability |

Whether a West Virginia resident has a physical or mental condition, a decision on a Social Security disability claim will be based on available medical records. This may mean providing records from a family physician or anyone else who has treated an applicant. There are many different types of applicable mental ailments, such as anxiety, bipolar disorder or impaired memory. The occurrence of panic attacks or depression could also prevent a person from working or remaining employed.

The goal of any applicant is to show proof that a condition exists and that it impairs their ability to function normally. For example, an individual could claim that memory problems make it harder to concentrate or follow instructions while on the job. It may also be possible to claim that a mental condition prohibits an individual from being able to get along with managers or other employees.

An applicant might have an easier time getting an application approved if they can show evidence of decompensation. This may occur if a person is stressed or fatigued, which could prevent them from performing adequately at work. Ultimately, an individual may be terminated from a job and unable to find future work. However, individuals do not need to prove that they have experienced decompensation events to be approved for disability benefits.

Those who have an inability to work because of a mental condition may receive Social Security benefits from the government to help them meet their financial obligations. An individual is more likely to obtain benefits if they retain a legal professional who can provide guidance throughout the process. Since a lawyer will understand what an examiner is looking for, they might be able to help get an application accepted without the need to see a judge.