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Second denial of a disability claim

Many people living in West Virginia and throughout the country file for Social Security disability benefits because they have a medical condition that affects their ability to earn a living. In many cases, the initial application for benefits as well as a reconsideration request will be denied. While this can be discouraging, individuals applying for disability may find greater success during the appeals process.

Disability benefits are meant to be a long-term solution

West Virginia residents and others who are seeking government disability benefits cannot obtain them on a short-term basis. Those who are seeking Social Security disability benefits must prove that they have been unable to earn a gainful income for at least 12 months. Alternatively, they must prove that they don't expect to be able to for at least another 12 months. Individuals must submit a request for benefits that will be evaluated by an examiner.

Work history important to SSD benefits application

People in West Virginia who are unable to work may seek to obtain Social Security Disability benefits. One of the most important parts of an application is a documented medical history that makes clear the physical or mental disabilities that prevent the claimant from working. Applicants can provide detailed information about their doctors and the treatment they have received as well as the expected prognosis. However, medical records are not the only thing needed to apply for disability benefits. Another key piece of an application is a record of the claimant's work history.

Getting disability with frozen shoulder

Many people living in West Virginia struggle with the pain caused by frozen shoulder. Frozen shoulder is a condition that causes pain and stiffness in the shoulder joint. While the condition can be treated and may go away after a few years, it may also recur. In addition, some individuals may find it difficult to continue work while experiencing a frozen shoulder.

Memory loss might be considered a disability

West Virginia residents and others who experience memory loss could use it as a basis to obtain disability benefits. This could be the case whether it is related to another condition like depression or is the result of a head injury. Individuals could also experience short-term memory loss because of chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia. Whether or not difficulty remembering past events is considered to be a disability depends on the level of impairment it creates.

Obtaining benefits because of hearing loss

Individuals in West Virginia or any other state who have hearing loss may be able to qualify for disability benefits. However, the facts of the case will determine the grounds for which they qualify for them. In some cases, hearing loss will be used as part of a justification for allowing a medical vocational allowance. In others, the fact that a person has trouble hearing will be enough to obtain them.

Some heart attack patients may qualify for SSD benefits

West Virginia residents who have suffered heart attacks often wonder if they will thereafter qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. The answer is it depends. Many cases that are filed due to a myocardial infarction, the medical phrase for a heart attack, are eventually approved for benefits, but many of them are not as well. Whether or not a particular claim will be approved depends on the same factors as other claims. The individual who is applying for disability benefits must be unable to work for a period of 12 months or must be expected to be unable to work for 12 months.

Circumstances dictate when a disability hearing can be sped up

West Virginians who have an illness, condition or disability that they believe warrants Social Security disability benefits will want to get an approval as quickly as possible. Despite this, it can be problematic to convince the Social Security Administration to expedite the hearing. Still, it is possible if the circumstances warrant it. When applying, it is important to know when this can be done.

Social Security disability has a five-month waiting period

Generally speaking, residents of West Virginia and other states are required to wait for a period of five months before they start receiving Social Security disability benefits. The waiting period begins in the month after the established onset date of the person's disability and ends five months after that. In some cases, it may be possible for a person to receive benefits without going through the five-month period but only under specific circumstances.

People with arthritis might qualify for disability payments

In order for arthritis to qualify as a disabling impairment under Social Security disability rules, it must prevent the person from working at the level of substantial gainful activity. The SGA level is a threshold on monthly earnings determined by the Social Security Administration to be self supporting. People in West Virginia who earn more than the SGA limit are generally not considered disabled by the SSA. Typically, the applicant's level of work activity will be examined by claims representatives during the interview process.

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