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What is the impact of Social Security fraud in West Virginia?

On Behalf of | May 14, 2024 | Social Security Disability |

Social Security fraud is a serious issue that affects millions of Americans, including West Virginians who rely on these vital funds. The Social Security Administration (SSA) estimated an alarming $8.3 billion in improper payments during the 2020 fiscal year, including innocent mistakes and deliberate fraud.

This financial misconduct doesn’t just drain federal resources; it compromises the integrity of programs designed to support retirees and survivors as well as people with disabilities who rely on Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).

Examples of Social Security fraud

SSDI fraud can result from intentional or unintentional acts and is subject to significant consequences. The SSA lists several types of possible fraud, including:

  • Falsifying medical conditions: Claiming to have a medical condition that is either exaggerated or fabricated to obtain benefits.
  • Unreported income: Working and earning above the allowed limit while receiving SSDI benefits without reporting this income to the SSA.
  • Failure to report improvement: Not informing the SSA of an improvement in a medical condition that would affect eligibility for continued benefits.
  • Concealment of work activity: Hiding or not reporting work activity while receiving benefits, often by working under someone else’s Social Security number or getting paid under the table.
  • Identity theft: Using another person’s identity or Social Security number to apply for and receive SSDI benefits.
  • Doctor or healthcare provider fraud: When a medical professional provides false or misleading information to the SSA to help someone obtain benefits.
  • Non-reported incarceration: Failing to report incarceration, as individuals are not eligible for SSDI payments during imprisonment.
  • Unreported death: Continuing to receive and use SSDI benefits after the death of the rightful beneficiary.

These deceptive practices are not only illegal, but they also erode trust in the system that so many depend on.

Get help to secure the benefits you deserve

When fraudsters manipulate the system, they’re not just lining their pockets but also jeopardizing the benefits of those who genuinely need them. Every misdirected dollar due to fraud is a dollar that doesn’t reach someone in West Virginia who depends on disability or survivor payments to get by.

The assistance of an experienced SSDI attorney can be crucial for obtaining the benefits you deserve and avoiding potentially harmful mistakes. They can guide you through the application process, ensuring you follow all the steps correctly and represent you in appeals for unfairly denied SSDI applications.