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Circumstances dictate when a disability hearing can be sped up

by | Sep 6, 2019 | Social Security Disability |

West Virginians who have an illness, condition or disability that they believe warrants Social Security disability benefits will want to get an approval as quickly as possible. Despite this, it can be problematic to convince the Social Security Administration to expedite the hearing. Still, it is possible if the circumstances warrant it. When applying, it is important to know when this can be done.

With the number of people applying for SSD benefits, a long wait time is common. To have a hearing heard quicker than usual, there are certain points to remember. Generally, the case will only be sped up if there is a demonstrated need to do so. The situation must be considered dire. It is wise to remember that with the rising wait time, more people are requesting that their case be heard sooner.

For a claim to be expedited, the applicant must show one or more of the following: the condition is terminal; it is a mental condition that has led to the contemplation of suicide; the person is about to lose his or her home; or the applicant is about to lose the ability to get the medicine needed for proper treatment. Terminally ill people will be granted priority. They might even fall into the category of compassionate allowance for terminal illness, or TERI. The claim would then be heard in a shorter time.

The concerns or issues with getting the necessary medications will be subjective, and the decision will be based on the wait for a hearing negatively impacting their living situation or treatment of their condition. Many factors are considered when applying for SSD benefits, and all require legal help. For expedited claims or any other factor with Social Security disability, consulting an experienced legal professional may be beneficial.