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How medical exams impact disability benefit timelines

by | Aug 5, 2019 | Social Security Disability |

Those who apply for disability benefits in West Virginia may be required to attend a consultative examination, or CE. This generally occurs when a person has medical records that are considered outdated or provides no medical evidence at all. In some instances, the person reviewing the case needs more information to determine how severe a person’s condition is. In such a scenario, an individual will usually be sent to see a specialist.

A report from the medical examiner will be given to the disability examiner within 30 days of an appointment taking place. However, there is no official deadline as to when a person may receive benefits after submitting to a CE. Regardless of whether an applicant attends an exam or not, there is a good chance that the initial application will be denied. However, if the evidence is strong enough, an application could be approved without the need to appeal.

It is possible that a physical or mental disability will make it difficult or impossible for a person to hold a job. A disability may make it painful to walk, sit for long periods of time or hold conversations. Those who have mental impairments could find it hard to run a machine or perform other tasks safely. Therefore, those who have a physical or mental disability could be entitled to financial benefits.

SSD benefits may allow a person to pay medical and other expenses that they incur. An attorney or other legal adviser may be able to help a person apply for benefits or appeal an application that has been denied. Those who have their initial appeals denied may have their cases heard by a judge. He or she will likely take the results of a CE or other evidence into consideration when making a ruling.