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Disabling mental conditions common with military members

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The men and women who serve in the United States military in any capacity or branch do a great service to the country, but sometimes, they pay a significant price for doing so. One of the most common effects of serving in active duty roles is a toll on a person’s mental health. Military service is stressful, emotional and sometimes traumatic, and it can have a permanent impact on a person’s mental well-being. 

The military is more accepting of the need to provide support for members dealing with mental health issues, and dealing with issues is not always grounds for discharge. However, severe cases of certain types of mental disabilities can affect a person’s ability to continue with his or her military career. If this happened to you, you could have a valid claim to disability benefits.

How did your military career impact you?

There are many ways that a career in the military, particularly those involving active duty and combat roles, can affect your mental well-being and stability. Some of the most common mental illnesses suffered by military service members include the following:

  • Depression – There are times when depression and depressive disorders can severely affect your ability to function normally, including in the workplace or while fulfilling your military duties.
  • Posttraumatic stress disorder – Traumatic events you experienced as a result of your military service can leave you with issues such as anxiety, substance abuse problems and sleep problems.
  • Traumatic brain injury – You may have suffered an injury during your military career, and it can cause ongoing problems such as difficulty concentrating, mood disorders, headaches, memory issues and more.

There are various types of help available to you if you are dealing with any of the above mental health issues as a result of your military career. However, if you are unable to work and earn a gainful living because of these issues, you may want to explore the options available to you regarding disability benefits. 

Help for your future

It is not easy to secure the benefits you need from the Social Security Administration, even with a valid disabling medical condition. You may find it beneficial to discuss your concerns with an experienced West Virginia disability benefits attorney to understand if you are eligible and learn how to proceed with your claim. You do not have to fight alone for the support you need; you can start by seeking an evaluation of your case.