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Wait time for Social Security disability benefits

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2019 | Social Security Disability |

Many people in West Virginia who are no longer capable of working due to a disability apply to receive Social Security benefits. Applicants who have been approved for benefits may wonder how soon they will start receiving them.

Some applications are approved initially while others must be appealed to the hearing level. Applicants who have to appeal a denial will wait longer to receive benefits because the decision from an administrative law judge must be sent back to a local office for approval. Initial applications and those approved at the reconsideration level can be processed at the local office immediately.

Most applicants who are approved will receive benefits the same month that they are accepted. Claims that require a manual action in order for the claimant to start receiving benefits may take longer to process.

Claimants should be aware of the mandatory five-month waiting period before their benefits can begin. If a claim is approved immediately, the start date for benefits may be set in the future. It should be noted that SSI benefits do not require the waiting period.

Social Security disability applicants may benefit from consulting an attorney familiar with the procedural and medical requirements for filing a successful claim. An attorney could keep a claimant informed about the status of their case and advise them about the reason for any delays. Legal counsel could also help a client expedite their claim in an emergency situation by sending a request to the Social Security Administration.