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Obtaining student loan relief after an injury

by | Oct 12, 2018 | Social Security Disability |

If a federal student loan is cancelled, forgiven or discharged, it means that there is no further requirement to make payments. It is important for West Virginia residents and others to know that not finishing school is generally not a valid reason for not paying a loan. Typically, loans are discharged because a school shuts down or because of a permanent injury that makes it impossible to work.

Federal student loans may be forgiven in the event that a person went to school to obtain a job that he or she wasn’t eligible to do. This could have been because an individual didn’t meet age requirements for employment or had a mental condition. In most cases, individuals are not required to make loan payments while they are pursuing loan forgiveness, cancellation or discharge. To begin the process, a person would contact the company servicing the loan.

If a request is approved, an individual may be entitled to a refund for any payments already made. Any negative information related to a failure to pay the loans may also be removed. In some cases, only a portion of the loan balance is forgiven or cancelled. In such a scenario, an individual would remain obligated to repay the remaining balance. If a parent takes out a PLUS loan, it may also be discharged due to disability or other circumstances.

Those who experience an injury either at work or outside of work may not be able to remain gainfully employed. Individuals who can’t hold a job may be entitled to disability benefits. They may also be entitled to student loan relief or other forms of debt relief. Speaking with an attorney may help an injured person learn more about the types of financial assistance that are available to them.