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Benefits may be available for those with carpal tunnel syndrome

by | Sep 21, 2018 | Social Security Disability |

West Virginia residents who have carpal tunnel syndrome may be able to obtain Social Security disability benefits. This condition, which can be present since birth or acquired at some point in a person’s life, is considered a musculoskeletal impairment. While it is believed that carpal tunnel is the result of too much computer use, typing is just one way in which it can be developed. It can also be a symptom of arthritis or diabetes.

To obtain benefits, an applicant would need to show that they cannot earn gainful income at their current job or any other job. An applicant would prove this to be the case through medical records and employment records. Employment records typically list a person’s job history as well as other skills that could be used to find employment. It is important to know that simply having a disability isn’t enough to qualify for benefits. Instead, it must impair a person in a specific way that makes it impossible to earn a living.

If a person has carpal tunnel, taking aspirin or taking frequent breaks may help to alleviate the symptoms. A person may also have surgery to treat numbness or other syndrome-related issues. In many cases, surgery is successful in improving the lives of people with carpal tunnel syndrome.

If a disability makes it impossible for a person to work, Social Security benefits may be available. These funds could make it easier to pay medical bills or other expenses, such as rent or a mortgage. An attorney can help a client with an initial application or appeal if the initial application was denied. If necessary, a legal representative may help an applicant prepare for a formal hearing.