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Benefit applicants shouldn’t downplay their pain

by | Aug 31, 2018 | Social Security Disability |

When applying for disability benefits in West Virginia, it’s important to be honest about pain levels. By minimizing the pain or other impacts of a disability, it could be harder for an applicant to obtain benefits. Those who are required to participate in a consultative examination will be monitored by the doctor examining them throughout the entire process.

The consultative examination is a common step in the application process, and it is performed by a private physician despite the fact that the government pays for it. In some cases, a doctor will observe an applicant getting out of his or her car to determine the true extent of that person’s impairment. What he or she sees will likely go into the report submitted to the examiner. It is also never a good idea to downplay symptoms when talking to a disability examiner on the phone.

In many cases, the statements made by the applicant will also be used in the process of deciding whether a person is entitled to benefits. Individuals may feel bad about having to apply for benefits in the first place. This is why they may tell a doctor that they don’t feel too much pain or that their condition doesn’t impact their lives in a significant way.

However, receiving disability benefits can make it easier to pay bills while out of work. Those who have an inability to work may benefit from seeking the advice of an attorney. Legal counsel could explain different strategies for obtaining benefits. Ideally, an individual will be honest about his or her condition as failing to articulate it may be used as a reason to deny an application.