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The effects of one’s diagnosis on SSD benefits approval

by | Apr 20, 2018 | Social Security Disability |

Workers in West Virginia often apply for disability benefits after experiencing significant life changes, including illnesses or severe injuries, that have left them unable to continue their previous employment. Therefore, a successful outcome in an applicant’s claim for Social Security disability benefits can be crucial to his or her life, health and future well-being. People may file for SSD benefits for a range of reasons as long as they are connected to a disabling condition that means they are no longer able to work as before.

There is no one specific type of diagnosis that is most likely to be successful in securing Social Security disability benefits. However, there are certain types of disabilities that may make an applicant more likely to be successful at the initial disability claim level. Some of these conditions include statutory blindness; complete deafness; terminal diseases, like cancer or ALS; paralysis of the arms or legs; or severe neurological impairments. These types of issues often obviously meet or exceed the criteria required for Social Security disability benefits.

Other types of disabilities can also have a sufficient impact on a person’s life and meet the requirements of the Social Security Administration. However, these conditions may require more paperwork and arguments to be accepted. After an initial denial, a disability benefits claim proceeds first to a reconsideration appeal and then to a hearing before an administrative law judge.

People with disabilities applying for Social Security disability benefits can often be successful at a hearing, even when they have been denied in the past. Statistics indicate that individuals who have legal representation at their hearing may have a more than 60 percent chance of a successful benefits approval at that stage. Working with a disability lawyer can help people applying for SSD benefits present their arguments and medical paperwork correctly and accurately so that they can succeed in their benefits claims.