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Timelines vary for receiving Social Security Disability benefits

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2017 | Social Security Disability |

Disabilities can impose significant financial hardships on people in West Virginia. Although the process of applying for benefits and gaining approval takes time, the Social Security Administration does strive to make decisions in a timely manner.

People who gain approval for their disability claim either during the original application process or at a reconsideration appeal receive their money more quickly than people who need a hearing with an administrative law judge. When approvals emerge from appeals or initial applications, the agency sends them directly to the applicable regional Social Security office. Once the local office gets the paperwork, a claims representative will set up the claim for payment. Money will be disbursed the first month that the person is eligible for benefits.

The payment process takes longer when the process involves an administrative law judge. In this situation, a decision writer needs to send the disability decision to the judge for review. Once the judge signs the decision, the case goes to a Social Security center for payment processing.

When an inability to work removes a person’s way to earn a living, legal advice could help the person understand how to apply for Social Security Disability. An attorney could review the person’s case to see if it might meet eligibility requirements. To go forward with a claim, a person might benefit from an attorney’s familiarity with the government’s coding system for medical conditions. An attorney could fill out application paperwork and guide the person through the process of receiving a medical and vocational assessment. These efforts might help someone avoid sending in an incomplete application and running into a delay. If the agency denies an application, an attorney might explain how to challenge the result.