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Conquering nervousness about an SSDI hearing

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2017 | Social Security Disability |

When a person has a claim for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits denied, they might decide to appeal the decision. One of the things appealing sometimes leads to is a person having a hearing with an administrative law judge.

Now, just the idea of having to come before a judge to fight for a chance to get benefits might make some people nervous. They might be worried that they’ll miss something important, do something wrong or make a simple error with big ramifications during such a proceeding.

It is true that what a person does during an SSDI hearing can be very impactful. It is also true that the stakes can be high in such hearings, as whether their SSDI claim is ultimately approved could have major impacts on a disabled person’s financial situation.

However, a person doesn’t have to simply sit and stew in their worries until their hearing happens. They can take steps to get prepared for the hearing and, hopefully, thus feel less nervous and more confident when their time with the judge comes around. Such preparations could include things such as evidence gathering, getting an idea of what to expect at the hearing and preparing for the types of questions judges typically ask in such hearings.

Now, simply whether or not a person has made preparations for an SSDI hearing is not the only thing that can have a big impact on what sort of position they are in when the time of their hearing comes. What also matters is the quality of such preparations. So, a person with an upcoming SSDI hearing may want a skilled SSDI attorney’s guidance on what to do to get ready for their hearing. In addition to providing guidance, such attorney’s can also help with the execution of such preparations.